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Piggyback is back!

It’s back. The little novella that could does it again.

The book that pulled me into this goofy game is being re-released by Down & Out Books today. Back in 2012, the idea was to write the most lean and pared down tale I could. One that kept moving, like a good short film. I figured, if Piggy turns out to be only a short story, so be it. Turned out to be just as long as it was supposed to be.

The new Piggy marks 6 years since its first publication, which really wouldn’t be a mark at all, except my third novel, 101, is coming out with Down & Out November this year. It builds on and delivers the promise I gave myself when I began—starry-eyed—to pen Piggyback: Keep the story moving.

If you don’t already own this one, don’t be shy up about snatching up the new and improved version. With 87% less typos, a jazzed-up Eric Beetner classic cover, and a nice-slice novella price.

And I’ll see y’all this November.

You can pick up Piggyback right here, or demand they order it wherever more respectable books are sold. Or even better, write me and get a signed copy.

And a big thanks to all you who’ve been picking up American Static and getting the word out. Whatever you’re doing, it’s been working.

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