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So, I’ve done it. I’ve entered the blogosphere, finding myself in a place I never thought I’d be. When I think about bloggers, I picture angry politicos spouting their tired and borrowed opinions on subjects I’ve never cared about—guys in sweatpants railing against Obamacare (or for Obamacare) in the quiet of a messy hotel room lined with canned food.

blogger 2

Or worse, an opinionated self-appointed reviewer casting his shadow of personal failure onto a world that would never have him.  Those visions faded pretty quickly when my webmaster (crack goes the whip) told me I needed to have blog content on the new site. I realized then what most bloggers were—guys like me. Okay, bite your tongue on all those lonely loser jokes, please. Trying to come up with something valid to say to the world is not an easy task on a daily basis, making it entertaining is even harder. I’ve done guest blogs before, but never for my own site. Maybe my need to not disappoint others made me strive for a level of quality I couldn’t reach on my own.

I am not a loser

Anyway, today’s blog is just a test, a quick dip of my toe in the water to make sure—test, test … is this thing on?—the site is up.  I’m sure I’ll soon be finding stuff to rail about (nobody’s tired of hearing folks complain about the Kardashians, are they?) or important stuff to review (I saw an old Brady Bunch last week and I need to let you all know how seeing Marsha’s nose get busted made me feel) or stuff to pimp.


In the meantime, welcome to the new site—a necessary peppercorn in my fledgling empire. I hope you’ll come back when I’ve got something goddamned important to say—or sell. We now return you to your regularly scheduled postings.

11 Responses

  1. Hello, Tom Pitts author. I am unfamiliar with your website blog, but you make some very interesting points. It is good fortune that I stumbled across your website blog, and I will most definitely come back here from now on.

    Please also visit my website,, and do not block me. I swear I am not a bot being hosted by a company in a former Soviet puppet state.

  2. thrilled for you. sounds exactly as though you know what you are doing. have a ball. i love the photo of the empty wet street.

  3. I have waited to see two things in my lifetime: Star Wars sequels that don’t suck, and Tom Pitts to get a blog. Now that the former is in the works and the latter a reality, I can die a happy man. Thank you for killing me, Tom Pitts.

  4. Thats great Tom you have blog. Now i can be that friend that tirelessly asks you to write blogs about clown dreams and epic walrus battles with ferries

  5. back in the day you would have been called a columnist, you would have had a nice cush job writing for a newspaper or magazine, with a paycheck and pension – and years from now the city would rename a street in your honor. but then blogging does allow you more freedom with your words, there is that. so> I am looking forward to reading your column…

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