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Eating up the Tenderloin



It’s become a passive obsession of mine to watch the city I love whither and devolve from the place of self-discovery I once knew to a strange unwelcoming metropolis. Out here on the web there’s no shortage of bitching about the current fate of San Francisco. I won’t bore you with another round of rage against the techies (‘member when we used to call ’em yuppies?) or rants about the demolition of culture to build more condos. But I will say, last month I found a refuge from the storm of negativity about SF, it was in the Tenderloin–not the neighborhood, but the book by Court Haslett. Around the same time Rogue Reader contacted me and asked if I had any opinions on anything, anything  at all. Oh, I could have spouted about Syria or Miley Cyrus or anything I wanted, but Tenderloin was the book I was reading so it was Tenderloin that was on my mind. Here’s a link to the article Rogue stuck up: The Rogue Reader


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