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Announcement: American Static

I’ve been lying low lately. Only tiptoeing through the minefield that is social media during election season. But I’m coming out of the bunker because I’ve got some news.  Good news.

My new novel, American Static, the second in my Northern California Quartet, is coming out this June (2017) with Down & Out Books. Very excited to make this announcement. Down & Out has been kicking ass all over the indie scene and I’m pleased as punch to be in the same stable with such a talented crew.

American Static is a fast-paced thriller that starts off in wine country, pulls you through the rough streets—as well as the ones paved with gold—of San Francisco, and ends up in the dark and dangerous Port of Oakland.  It’s got one of the greatest villains to ever wield a weapon and a backbone of political intrigue to keep the pages turning.  It’s bigger, badder, and better than HUSTLE and I can’t wait till June to prove it. Don’t believe me? That’s okay, we got testimonials: “American Static is a stunning achievement, and nobody could have written it but Tom Pitts. Pitts ain’t just the real deal: He set the mold for what the real deal is, and the rest of us are just plastic copies.” — Benjamin Whitmer (Cry Father, Pike)

The novels in the Northern California quartet aren’t joined by characters, but by setting and pace. All four have been completed and I’m looking forward to unleashing them all to you over the next couple of years.  After HUSTLE and American Static, you can look for Coldwater and 101 (my opus to the marijuana trade.)

In other news, the HUSTLE adaptation has been written and it’s working hard to find a home. There’s all sorts of alchemy happening behind the scenes, but I’m bound by the laws of triviality not to dispense any details.  Sorry, kids, but—as they say down south—you’ll have to wait for the movie.

That’s it for news from me. Oh, wait … I also grew a beard. Now I can finally call myself a bohemian!

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  1. Tom, this news is fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed Knuckleball, Piggyback and Hustle. Really looking forward to American Static. June cannot get here soon enough.
    Congratulations. Best, Dave Ryan

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