Tom Pitts

Jesus Murphy!

Jesus Murphy, or Holy Crap, or the obligatory Oh My God! Has it really been a year since I’ve blogged? I guess that’s evidence of two things: 1) I’m a somewhat self-serving blogger–the last time I posted was when HUSTLE was released. And/or: 2) I’m not very opinionated. If I do have an opinion, it’s […]

It’s out!

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. My new novel HUSTLE is finally out there. The coming media onslaught (yeah, I use that term loosely–and sarcastically) is probably going to annoy you a bit. I’ll be doing a fair amount of guest blogs, interviews, readings, and review soliciting. Sorry, man. It’s the way it is. Spam […]

The Bible is full of tropes!

The Bible is Full of Tropes. There. I said it. The other night I was wrangled into watching The Book of Eli  by my wife. She loves Denzel—hey, who doesn’t?—but she also loves this particular movie.  “I know you think  you’ll hate it, but you’ll like it, just give it a chance.” If I had […]

How Love Hurts became Canada’s Stairway to Heaven.

I recently watched Rob Ford humiliate himself on Jimmy Kimmel. It was painful, sure. I cringed along with most other Canadians (ex-pats or not) as I watched the Toronto Mayor sweat and struggle through his answers as Jimmy pummeled him with barb after barb, then shamed him with incontrovertible video evidence. Kimmel smiled and pointed […]