Tom Pitts


When two young girls disappear with a trunk-load of pot, unaware that their payload has been packed with an extra five kilos of cocaine, a lovable loser persuades a sociopathic killer to pursue them across Northern California in a violent, twisted goose-chase that ends in a horrific place none of them could have forseen.

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Praise for Piggyback

“Piggyback by Tom Pitts restores Noir to its dark kingdom, a rollicking pumping novel of losers , psychos, stone killers, idiotic amateur rip-off artists and a road-movie of a story that is as fast as it is beautifully written.
Think Don Winslow’s Savages meets Christopher Cooke’s Robbers and you have the dark read of the year.” –Two-time Shamus Award winner Ken Bruen

“Piggyback is a wild frenzy of drugs, violence and crazy plot twists. Somebody needs to make the film version.” -Tony DuShane, San Francisco Chronicle columnist and Author of “Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk”